More than anything, language defines the people. To grasp a culture entirely, one need to have adequate knowledge of the language in question to begin with. It is an indubitable fact that English is an international and elite language. This well-liked language considered as a universal language that manages to bring different countries together for trade and business proposes. Over the past few decades, English as a language has procured utmost importance and popularity all over the world. English as a language is so popular that a whopping number of 600 million all over the world admired this language for communication propose.

This course at Spoken English Classes is also necessary for those students who are working but are lacking in communication skills as it helps to learn Business etiquette.

We believe in making people reliable in every field, speaking good and effective English. For different people level is different according to their knowledge of speaking English.

Spoken English Basic Course

Basic training is provided to those students who know English but it is difficult to write and talk, they have the less grammatical knowledge and they cannot make enough sentences. The glossary is one of those students. These students help us to learn specific grammar, help develop vocabulary and improve reading ability, dialogue and pronunciation.

  • Basics of communication
  • Public speaking skills
  • English grammar in use
  • Personality development

Spoken English Advance Course

Advanced Spoken English Course to speak English fluently in the real world. Our Advanced Spoken English course is designed to boost your English speaking skills and confidence to the next level. Such coaching is for students who know English but they hesitate when working in English. They are trained both in basic and advanced English.

  • Accent Neutralization
  • Personality Enhancement
  • Interview Skills
  • Storytelling
  • Presentations
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Business dealing etiquette